Man Over Machine: Redefining Digital Marketing

Man Over Machine: Personalizing Automation for Businesses

A Passionate Genesis

For Mike Freeman, founder of Man Over Machine, the inspiration to start his own business materialized from observing the struggle of small businesses trying to compete in the increasingly digital corporate landscape. Determined to make automation accessible for small businesses, Freeman embarked on a journey to build a company that championed the human touch in every automated campaign – thus, Man Over Machine was born.

A Commitment to the Client’s Unique Needs

Man Over Machine offers a wide array of services, including marketing automation, application development, web design, branding, and conversion-based marketing strategy. With customization at the heart of their service model, Man Over Machine‘s bespoke solutions have proven to be a unique selling point. As Freeman puts it, “if I’m doing cookie cutter, I’m failing.”

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Launched under the banner of customer-centricity, Man Over Machine faces the challenge of staying vibrant in the quicksilver landscape of digital marketing. Freeman acknowledges the relentless pace of change in this industry, with today’s novel ideas becoming outdated in a matter of months. To stay ahead of the curve, the team at Man Over Machine is continuously researching and learning about the latest trends, ensuring they provide their clients with the most innovative and effective strategies.

The Journey of Man Over Machine

From its humble beginnings, Man Over Machine quickly grew into a dynamic digital marketing firm. The company’s evolution is a testament to their unceasing commitment to bringing advanced automation to smaller businesses whilst maintaining a deep-rooted commitment to human connection. Looking forward, it’s clear